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Immense gratitude is extended to the current and former workers and their spouses that took the time to participate in the Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study.  Individuals that participated in the Respiratory Health Survey of Taconite Workers and Spouses contributed valuable information that will be used to improve the health and wellbeing of those working in the taconite industry.

The respiratory health survey was designed to determine the prevalence of non-cancerous respiratory disease among the taconite workers on the Iron Range.  The participant’s willingness to assist with this important research is very much appreciated.

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Research Clinic Summary

Participation in the Respiratory Health Survey of Taconite Workers and Spouses research clinic included the following tests at no cost to the participant:

  • Physical Exam: height, weight, blood pressure, chest exam
  • Blood Draw: complete blood count (CBC)
  • X-ray: posterior-anterior chest, 14x17 plain film
  • Lung Function Tests: spirometry and diffusing capacity for carbom monoxide (DLCOSB)
  • Questionnaire: repiratory symptoms and work history exposures

The respiratory health research clinic was held at the Virginia Regional Medical Center in Virginia, MN from August 2009 to August 2010 and at the Bay Area Medical Clinic in Silver Bay, MN from September 2010 to October 2010.

A total of 1685 individuals participated in the research clinics.  Participants included 1188 workers and 497 spouses.